We’re all a little mad here…

Anyone else fascinated with the progression of social media and how it has affected various industries? Anyone?  Well if you are these blogs cover a variety of topics surrounding films and social media.  After reading some of their posts, you will be all-knowing of these things! Okay, maybe not all-knowing, but you will know a lot.

Entertainment Weekly- Inside Movies

This blog is all things entertainment. From movies to television, this blog covers all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Social Media Scoop 

This blog is all over what’s trending on all social media accounts.  Breaking news or a viral video this blog covers all.

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

Fandango is a blog that reviews movie. And no, not just “this movie rocked” sort of review. Fandango blogger, Andy, gives an in depth review of every aspect of a film.

Cinematic Fanatic

This blog is no joke.  This cinematic fanatic takes a look back on cinematic history, while also writing about the more recent films.  This blogger also post about powerful females in the film industry.

Rotten Tomatoes

This well known blog makes everyone in the film industry shake in their boots.  Rotten Tomatoes films based on their critic reviews.  This blog holds a lot of power in which film their followers may or may not see.

Global Elite TV

Global Elite TV provides multimedia videos from multiple sources.  This blog posts documentaries, shows, interview, and any other multimedia creation from alternative sources.


Variety is a one stop shop for all things entertainment.  The blog contains a variety (get it?) of articles pertaining to the film industry.

The Wannabes

This entertainment blog is made up of a group of bloggers keeping their readers in touch to all things movies, tv, video games, ect.

Brian Solis 

Brian takes a look at how the ever growing field of technology is affecting different aspects of our society.  He particularly focuses on how social media and technology and impacting business and marketing.

My Media Digest

This blog looks at television, movies, and even video games and examines how they interact with social media.

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